Mindfulness and Meditation for Stress Reduction and Peace of Heart

This series of six classes introduces the basics of Mindful Living and Meditation. Each class meets for one hour and twenty minutes. Along with the six class meetings, each student receives a full year of personal mentoring.

Each class combines lessons and practice in meditation, mindfulness, neuro-physiology of the brain, mind/brain re-training, practical self-regulation and sessions of deep relaxation.

During the six week series of classes, there are practical and playful life assignments. These are not required, but highly recommended. The more you practice conscious relaxed attentiveness, the stronger your practice will become.

Although mindfulness and meditation are part of many religious and wisdom traditions, the kind of practice explored in The School of Mindful Living is secular in nature. No religious or spiritual affiliation is required.
Mindfulness is a way of living, not a dogma.

Students can come individually for private lessons or with a friend, family member, partner or co-worker.  Tuition is the same for two people as it is for one. TWO STUDENTS CAN TAKE THE CLASSES FOR THE PRICE OF ONE. This is designed to encourage students to share the practices with another person whenever possible.

Most classes are held in the University City area of San Diego, off Highway 52, between Highway 5 and 805.  Regular classes are held weekday afternoons and some evenings.  Please inquire if you would like lessons at your location and/or at different times.

Included with the six class series is a full year of  personal e-mail or Skype mentoring. This means you are encouraged to connect with me any weekday regarding questions, obstacles, and insights arising from your mindfulness  practice. This opportunity is unique to my style of teaching. I find mentoring helps sustain mindfulness practice during the first critical year, while old unconscious habits are being noticed, considered, and perhaps replaced with more life-affirming thoughts and actions.

Tuition for the six weekly classes, all class materials and the full year of mentoring is $498. for one individual or two students together.

To keep tuition as low as possible, I no longer accept credit cards. Tuition payments are by cash or check and are made in full on or before the first class meeting. Sometimes a payment plan can be arranged.

For highly motivated students in real financial need, I can sometimes offer reduced tuition or make other arrangements. Please contact me to discuss options.