Rande Wegman

Founder and Principal Teacher, School of Mindful Living, San Diego, California.

My professional passions include the practice and teaching of mindful living and mindfulness meditation. Living deeply in the present moment is my practice, one I share with my students.

I love teaching, supporting and mentoring anyone who is ready to explore and articulate their values, ethics and philosophy of life.

I have had over thirty years of teaching and mentoring experience in the areas of meditation, self-awareness, values clarification, legacy writing, mindfulness and emotional self-regulation.  I have taught independently, in schools, industry, the prison system and health care settings.

My formal education includes, among other trainings, a Masters degree in Human Behavior, formal training in the art of teaching and a Professional Certificate in Counseling and Interpersonal Skills.

I have enjoyed a varied and satisfying meditation practice for over forty years. I have completed professional training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and am certified in Grief, Loss and Bereavement through the Center for Palliative Studies, San Diego Hospice.  A more detailed and extensive curriculum vitae is available upon request.

It has been my good fortune to have traveled around the world as pilgrim, student and teacher, being informed by teachers from many spiritual, wisdom and humanistic traditions. I am devoted to nourishing the seeds of mindfulness that can heal individuals, society and our planet. I am committed to practicing and teaching mindfulness of the body, deep listening, and compassionate speech.

For relaxation and fun, I enjoy singing, drumming, reading, gardening and time with friends and family. I enjoy periods of  ”doing nothing” as well as the occasional adventure into something daring and new.

My work is joyful, useful and constantly evolving. I am grateful and happy to be doing what I love.