The School of Mindful Living, San Diego, CA

Welcome to the School of Mindful Living! Here you will learn, explore and practice present-moment awareness, kindness, authenticity and whole-hearted living.  You will learn to increasingly love your life!

Individual and small group meetings introduce tools for recognizing and reducing unhealthy stress and for becoming aware of our learned habits of thought and action. This awareness is the first step toward lasting transformation. Using the body and breath as guides, we learn to fully inhabit our lives, naturally releasing that which no longer serves us.

Mindfulness is a way of living. It is the opposite of mindless living.  It is also an unlimited collection of skills that can be learned and created over time. Putting these skills into regular practice takes many forms. It’s called a practice because it’s ALL practice; how we pay attention to the messages of our body, our feelings, our thoughts, our forms of expression. Paying attention, with kindness, is what helps us live a life of integrity and joy.

We now know more about the plasticity of the human brain and how we can change neural patterns  by choosing to focus our attention in different ways. We are learning more about the power of intention and attention to alter our mental and emotional states. What exciting times!

A commitment to mindful living contributes to our physical, mental, relational and spiritual well-being and can lead to a life rich with meaning and vitality.

Why not start living mindfully NOW, this very minute?

Life is short, you don’t want to miss any of it!